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Who is Oguzhan Koc? Where is Oguzhan Koc and how old is he?



Who is Oguzhan Koc? Where is Oguzhan Koc and how old is he?

Oguzhan Koc was born in 1985. We need to know about Oguzhan, who released his first album Ben Hala Rüyada in 2013 … Where is Oguzhan Koc and how old is he?

You can find all the details you want to know about Oguzhan, who from a young age was interested in performing arts and joined the actors of the BKM workshop in 2007. Who is Oguzhan Koc? Where was he born, how old is he?


Uyunku and musician Oguzhan was born on May 13, 1985 in Rafahiye, Erzincan. After the earthquake in Erzincan, he moved to Bursa with his family. Oguzhan, who studied at the music faculty of the Bursa State Conservatory, has experience working at the faculty of anthropology at Istanbul University.

Joining the BKM players in 2007, Oguzhan Koc wrote and sketched in the comedy program “Very Beautiful Movements”. Thanks to the sketches he played during this period, he became recognizable to a wide audience. Oguzhan Koc, who starred in the film Hyatt, shot by Yilmaz Erdogan in 2009, released his first album, Ben Hala Rüyada, in 2013.

Oguzhan Koc Instagram Profile:

Oguzhan, who took part in a film called Multi-Film Movements These, which was written and directed by BKM Mutfak players, was recognized as “Best Soundtrack” with film music at the 17th Royal Music Award.

Oguzhan, who sat on the jury of the OSes Children vocal competition from 2014–2015, also presented the Üç Adam television program with Eser Jenenler and Ibrahim Buyukak. Oguzhan Koc is Taurus.


2013 – I’m still sleeping
2020 – Home


2015 is not the same as love (duet with Gülben Ergen)
2016 – we were caught in the clouds
2017 – Confused Love
2017 – Ashinayz (duet with Murat Dalkylich)
2018 – They think I’m good
2018 – Discretionary Divine
2019 – Sükut-u Hayal

TV shows and films starring Ogan Koch:

2018 – Jet Society (invited player) (TV series)
2018 – My Travel Companion 2 (Honor) (Movie)
2017 – My Companion (Honor) (Movie)
2015 – He told me dad (Bora) (TV series)
2010 – many movements in the cinema
2009 – Fun Life (Timur) (Motion Picture)
2008 – 2010 – These are very good movements (TV series)


2011 – 17th King Tv Video Music Awards – Best Soundtrack (many films, here they are)
2011 – 1.Pal Fm Music Awards – Best Duet (I had days to leave)
2014 – 2.Turkey Music Awards – Best Breakthrough Artist
2014 – 41st Golden Butterfly Award – Best Performer
2014 – Sakarya University Awards – Best Vocalist
2015 – 22.ITÜ EMÖS Success Awards – The most successful male artist of the year
2015 – Arel University, 4th prize in the field of media and art – best song / man (I still dream)

Oğuzhan Koç – Gitsem Diyorum (Akustik)

Last update: 11:2605/15/2020

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How not to swear over money, children, sex and paper envelope



How not to swear over money, children, sex and paper envelopes

How not to swear over money, children, sex and paper envelopes

We’ve had a lot of books about relationships, but none has ever made you laugh like that.

Belinda Luscombe has been writing about relationships for Time magazine for 20 years. And she actively practiced them: her marriage is almost 30 years old. So she discovered six areas that cause the most problems – everyone: intimacy, quarrels, finances, family, sex, mutual assistance.

In the book “Happiness Together” – instructions for technical inspection of relationships. Is everything going as it should or is it time to “change the oil”? There are many situations from family life in which you will probably recognize yourself, and tips to fix anything that is junk. With a fair amount of humor.

Do we have envelopes?

Happiness together

“My husband Jeremy does it with envelopes,” Belinda says. – Every time he asks if we have envelopes, although I have already shown him a thousand times where they are. On the shelf. Next to the handles. So what? My husband, going to send a letter, each time asks: “Do we have envelopes?”

Why can some trifle, insignificant imperfection in a loved one drive you to a frenzy? Because a wedding is not a happy ending at all. Married life is like clearing a path of snow: you start out full of enthusiasm, but it turns out that the activity requires much more endurance.

Of course, people get tired of relationships. This is as natural as the fact that food goes bad and the fire goes out. But we have learned to preserve food and keep the fire going. So you can come to an agreement with nature.

We are Incorporated

Imagine your marriage is a business partnership, “We Are Incorporated.” You manage finances together. Manage children together. Both of you are managers of your property – apartments, villas, cars. You combine the duties of a chef, taxi driver, travel agent and teacher.

Use proximity as a weapon, not a weapon. Cultivate a team spirit – it helps you achieve results in tedious and tedious tasks. Discuss resentments and grievances. This means that you spend time with a person not because it is pleasant, but because you create something together – a marriage, a family, a couple.

This is called “relational thinking,” and it is the key to a long and happier marriage.

Two imperfections

Children are a laborious project, like putting together a three-dimensional puzzle, which also snaps and throws dirty clothes all over the apartment. One mother once said that upbringing is as much teamwork as robbing a bank: “One is robbing, the other is driving a car that will be used to get away.”

But remember, you are not together because of the children. Sometimes go on vacation without them. And remind yourself that it’s a good idea to nominate your partner sometimes.

Belinda Luscombe: “When my husband was looking after my son, the son fell out of the bed. When I was looking after my son, the baby fell out of the stroller. And which of us is the worst parent? ” – Source

If you think your partner is a lousy parent, try to moderate the criticism. After all, your skills are hardly perfect. This is the great meaning of having two parents: they bridge each other’s shortcomings.

Have a fight? Eat something

Belinda once asked Mark Zuckerberg what changed when Sheryl Sandberg, the first woman on the board, came to Facebook. Mark said: after her arrival, they forgot what hunger is. She made sure that there was always food on the tables during meetings.

Here’s a lesson from one of the richest women in the world: Never start an important conversation on an empty stomach.

If the relationship is broken

“Repairing” a marriage is exhausting. Sometimes it seems that getting a divorce is easier, as it is easier to buy new headphones than to untangle the wires from those that are. But think about this.

Scientists found 645 unhappy couples, and after 5 years they interviewed them. It turned out that those who got divorced did not feel happier than those who kept their marriage. And the couples who stayed together were glad they hadn’t parted.

Our thinking is aimed at solving problems, although in reality we need a different kind of thinking, “carousel”: now your horse is down, but wait a little – and it will rise again.

What else

The book “Happiness Together” will surely appeal to those who appreciate humor. Belinda will make you laugh more than once and look at relationships from a different – more funny – angle. Family life can be boring, it can be difficult, but add a healthy dose of self-irony and it turns out that everything is not so bad.

Despite the humor, the conversation will go on the most serious topics, and you will find a lot of practical advice.

  • Life lessons from the cat litter box
  • “Financial violence against a partner”: how not to swear over money
  • After hardship comes real hardship: parenting
  • What the marriage ninja do
  • Marriage without sex: the intimate side of union
  • What to do if cheating occurs

We don’t find soul mates like beautiful seashells on the beach. We become soul mates. One of us is waves, the other is sand, and together we form a wonderful beach. Marriage means that you have tied your destiny with someone and said to this person: “It looks like the journey with you will be exciting.” So make it that way.

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How not to swear over money, children, sex and paper envelopes

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