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China Italy Iran USA Japan France Live Updates | World Cases COVID-19 Death Toll



China Italy Iran USA Japan France Live Updates | World Cases COVID-19 Death Toll

China Italy Iran USA Japan France Live Updates | World Cases COVID-19 Death Toll

A health worker walks out of a hospital in Melbourne, Australia on Friday. New cases have increased rapidly since last month.

  • So far, 6.42 lac deaths have occurred worldwide, while more than 96 lac have been cured
  • Over 42 lac patients in America, 1.48 lac people have died so far

So far 1 crore 59 lac 40 thousand 379 infected of coronavirus has been found in the world. Of these, 97 lac 23 thousand 949 have been cured, while 6 lac 42 thousand 688 have died. These figures are according to More than 300 health workers have been found infected in Australia. They all worked in the Victoria State Hospital here. Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews gave the information on Saturday. He said that there are about 4 thousand patients in the state. Of these, 313 are health workers.

On Friday, 73 thousand 715 new cases and 1130 deaths occurred in the US. New York, California and Florida are the most affected here. Here 23 lifeguards have been found infected on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. Daniela Krupinski, director of the island’s health department, gave this information. The Governor of Mississippi State has announced the implementation of strict restrictions in view of increasing cases.

10 countries where corona has the highest impact

Country How infected How many deaths How well
America 42,48,327 1,48,490 20,28,074
Brazil 23,48,200 85,385 15,92,281
India 13,37,022 31,406 8,50,107
Russia 8,00,849 13,046 5,88,774
D. Africa 4,21,996 6,343 2,45,771
Peru 3,75,961 17,843 2,59,423
Mexico 3,78,285 42,645 2,42,692
Chile 3,41,304 8,914 3,13,696
Spain 3,19,501 28,432 Not available
Britain 2,97,914 45,677 Not available

America: Trump ordered drug cheap

US President Donald Trump signed four executive orders on Friday. These included orders to reduce the price of medicines and make treatment costs affordable. This will help many US states to get cheap medicines from Canada. Trump’s new orders will allow medicines like insulin to be available to patients at lower prices. These new orders related to medicines will come into effect from Saturday. Trump will also hold a meeting with officials of pharmaceutical companies on July 28 to discuss these orders.

People arrived at an immigration center in New York, USA, on Thursday, wearing masks and following social distancing.

South Korea: Highest cases after March

South Korea has had the highest number of cases since March. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) gave this information on Saturday. On Friday, 86 new cases were reported here. Of these, 27 had domestic infection. Health officials said that infections could increase if people from abroad are positive. All those returning from other countries are being tested.

China Italy Iran USA Japan France Live Updates | World Cases COVID-19 Death Toll

People queuing for their turn to investigate at a testing center in Daegu, South Korea.

France: Appeal to people not to go to Catalonia

The French government has appealed to the people not to go to Catalonia. Prime Minister Jean Caste said that the government was increasing surveillance on the border with Spain. There is an increased risk of infection when border infected people enter the country. The government is eyeing the north-eastern border of the country in particular. In the last 15 days, 16 thousand 410 cases have been reported in the country. Most of them met in this area. France has in the past mandated masks at all indoor places in the country.

China Italy Iran USA Japan France Live Updates | World Cases COVID-19 Death Toll

People wearing masks walk near the Eiffel Tower in the French capital, Paris. Here the government has made it necessary to apply masks in all public places.

Pakistan: 103 years old cured

A 103-year-old infected elderly has beaten the epidemic in Pakistan. Officials of the country’s Health Ministry gave this information on Friday. The elder’s name is Aziz Abdul Alim. They hail from Chitral, the northern district of the country. Aziz was found positive at the end of last month. He has been discharged from the hospital this week after recovering. So far, 2 lac 70 thousand 400 have been found infected and 5763 deaths have occurred in the country.

China Italy Iran USA Japan France Live Updates | World Cases COVID-19 Death Toll

Health workers taking swab samples of people on July 17 at a testing center in Karachi, Pakistan.

Indonesia: President Vidodo’s report negative

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo’s test report has come negative. Her secretary Heru Budi Hartono said on Saturday – Thank God. The President is healthy. Widow met Solo City Mayor Achmond Purnomo on Thursday. Richmond was later found infected. After this, President Widodo had his test done on Friday. All his staff were also tested.

Britain: Relief in quarantine for people from 5 countries

Britain released a new travel guideline on Friday. According to the new rule, people coming to Britain from five countries will not need to stay in Quarantine for 14 days. These countries include Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, St. Vincent, and Granada Inn. Earlier last week, the UK government released a list of 74 countries that were given such relief. In March, a 14-day quarantine was made necessary for those visiting international travel.

Norway: there will be quarantined for 10 days coming from Spain

Norway released new guidelines relating to travel restrictions on Friday. According to the new rules, a 10-day quarantine will be required for those arriving from Spain. However, there will be no such restriction on those coming from Sweden. So far more than 9 thousand infected have been found in the country. There have been 255 deaths and 8674 people have been cured. Norway has made testing necessary for people at all airports due to the risk of infection.

China Italy Iran USA Japan France Live Updates | World Cases COVID-19 Death Toll

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International News

The impeachment motion will be brought against Trump again?



The impeachment motion will be brought against Trump again?
The impeachment motion will be brought against Trump again?
In a letter to the Democrats, Pelosi said that if Pence does not take any action, impeachment will be voted on. (File photo)

US President Donald Trump is going to have difficulties. On January 20, President Elect ie Joe Biden’s swearing-in program means that Trump will remain in office for only 9 more days. Meanwhile, House of Representatives (HOR) Speaker Nancy Pelosi has given her permission to bring impeachment motion on Trump on Sunday. Trump is accused of provoking his supporters on January 7. Due to this, 5 people died in the violence in Parliament (Capitol Hill).

According to the newspaper The Hill, Pelosi said it was the responsibility of Vice President Mike Pence in the wake of the violence to remove Trump from his post under the 25th Amendment. In a letter to the Democrats, Pelosi said that if Pence does not take any action, impeachment will be voted on. Trump will be the first president in American history to be impeached for the second time in office.

‘Constitution and democracy have to be saved’

In the letter, Pelosi wrote, ‘We have a responsibility to save the Constitution and democracy, so we have to take action immediately. Both of these (Constitution and democracy) are under threat from the President. As the days go by, the president’s fear of damaging democracy will increase.

At the same time, the Republicans have also warned the Democrats not to show any shame in the process of transfer of power. Allow this process to be relaxed.

Trump opposes everywhere

There are about 100 Republican Republican lawmakers who have blamed their leader and President Trump directly for Thursday’s violent incidents. The White House deputy national security officer, education minister and all the members who resigned.

What happened on 7 January?

64 days after voting in the US (3 November), American democracy was shamed when Parliament began to seal Joe Biden’s victory. Trump’s supporters turned into rioters. Of sabotage and violence in the capitol hall. The US Capitol is the same building where both houses of the US Parliament house the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Parliament proceedings were stopped for some time.

Violence in US Parliament after 206 years

Samuel Halliday, director of the US Capital Historical Society, told CNN that on 24 August 1814 Britain had attacked the US. British troops opened fire at the US Capitol after the defeat of the US Army. Since then, there has not been such an attack on the US Parliament in the last 206 years.

Impeachment motion was also brought last year

The impeachment motion was also brought against Trump last year. It passed because of the majority of Democrats in the HOR, but fell due to majority of Republicans in the Senate. Trump was accused of pressuring Ukraine to launch an investigation against Biden. Abusing their powers for personal and political gains, Ukraine had sought help in its favor in the 2020 presidential election.

Cases of prosecution against the president in America

  • The impeachment motion passed in the House of Representatives in 1868 on charges of crime and misconduct against US President Andrew Johnson. Eleven articles of charges against him were tabled in Parliament. However, during voting in the Senate, voting took place in favor of Johnson and he refrained from running for the presidency.
  • Impeachment was also brought against Bill Clinton in 1998. He was accused of sexual harassment by Monica Lewensky, an intern at the White House. He was cleared in the House of Representatives for his removal from office, but could not get a majority in the Senate.
  • In the Watergate scandal, impeachment action was to take place against former President Richard Nixon (1969–74), but he resigned earlier. He was accused of spying on one of his opponents.

The impeachment motion will be brought against Trump again?
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