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Dynamo Midfielder Georgy Tsitaishvili – about the club | The National Team and children’s football



Midfielder Georgy Tsitaishvili - about the club | The National Team and children's football

In an interview with Roman Bebeh for Bombardir’s YouTube channel, white and blue midfielder Georgy Tsitaishvili told how he was admitted to the Barcelona Academy after the first training session, why he didn’t stay in Spain, about Ukrainian citizenship, the World Cup and his situation in the Kiev club.

About the World Cup

“I wasn’t happy with my game at the World Cup. Yes, we won, I scored a goal in the final but I didn’t play very well. At the moment with the goal everything turned out to be great for me: The defender was so localized that a large zone appeared, which he threw very clearly. When I watch the video, I think, wow, I won the race. But usually everything was in the game: thrown-thrown-hit. On the contrary, it is better if there is a distance, and there was no moment for me to hold the ball on my foot. And then he went in specifically to make the defender turn around. If he does, you can do anything at the counter. I thought I should give Sikan the transfer – he ran alongside, but then took a chance. You can also remove it yourself, but that’s too much.

After the World Cup there were suggestions, they talked about the same besiktas, but I didn’t pay attention. It is stupid to walk at such an age and in such a situation. I have no experience, I have not done anything in football. Yes, the U-20 world champion, but who needs that? This increases the salary in the new team by a few thousand. But when they buy you, they look at the statistics: how many have played and scored. And I don’t have that. I know the boys from the U-20 team were called Manchester United, Belgian clubs. I don’t know how official, but they were on the list. ”

About youth and youth teams of Ukraine

“My way of playing? I don’t like to talk about it. It is not said in Europe that you overexpose the ball. Yes, if you lose the second, but the third – you will forget. Who will tell you something Whose scheme suits Petrakov or Rotan better? It makes no difference, but it is more comfortable to play U-21. You get high on what you do. You die in the U-20 because you walk a lot, and then you enjoy the result. We all understood there, the result is the main thing. Do you often play at the World Cup? ”

Georgy Tsitaishvili

About young people’s trust

“Denis Popov said it was the most difficult for him to play against Jeremy Doku from Anderlecht, who was born in 2002. The guy is really a genius: he took the ball, threw it and nobody caught up with him. And then nobody saw that he was 16 years old. We saw a quality in him and found that only at this level can players be brought to the top level. De Ligt won with his head and did nothing more to say that there would be a tip. Or the same zanolo. We played against Inter. Then they discussed the match that played in the middle of the opponent. How Zanolo can be at Inter. And then he ended up in Roma. Watch games in the first coma. Nobody asks how old he is, you gave it a chance, and now how much does it cost? 70 million? And all of Rome carries it in his arms ~ Tsitaishvili.

We all played, won, but there is this barrier when they get a chance, but we don’t. In Ukraine there is a law that a football player has to play after a certain age. And if you made your debut at the age of 17 – a legend. But this is the norm in Europe, between 18 and 19 they demand as from an adult. And we had a double in our soccer player who played until the age of 23.

Or here is an example. Denis Bonaventure. He came to Dynamo, he was not taken. I played a little bit in Dawn and now many clubs want to buy it. Real Madrid scored, played well. ”

About the Dynamo Academy

“My father played football and I started training with him when I was three years old. At this age he knew how to juggle. In Cyprus I attended the club’s football academy where my father played – he arranged for me and studied with the boys who were a few years older than me. My father didn’t want me to waste any time.

Papa, when he saw that I was left-handed and short, he said, “If so, you have to be technical.” I came to him to train at the base and he stayed after his studies and worked with me. Everything is just for technology. I also made speed starts. The first time I ran to Dynamo without a ball. Here in the forest. But I knew where I was going. And rode for it: to become physically stronger.

Dynamo was shown in the academy for 8 months. After seven I wanted to go. There was a trainer at the academy – Yeskin – who didn’t want me to be in Dynamo. Maybe it didn’t match the physical data, maybe you need to understand who paid and who didn’t. One of the factors was the passport, which probably didn’t think I could apply for Ukrainian citizenship. But there were relatives on my mother’s side, it turned out that they were given Ukrainian citizenship. Still, they didn’t go.

And there was a moment, about seven months later, that was about to go. Grandfather said, “The whole last game and a little something – we’re going out of here.” The match was in the arena. And as the mother says, Mikhaylichenko came up to her after the game and said, “This player needs to be taken. He has a bright future. “It seems like mom is not wrong, but Mikhaylichenko was definitely in the match. As a result, they took me and the coach was soon fired. Another specialist came and immediately drove away seven or eight people. ”

About viewing in Barcelona

“Before I switched to Dynamo, I was on a tour in Barcelona. They brought La Masia to the club’s academy, but there were moments when he didn’t stay in Spain. “Open doors” – that is the name of the tour, which lasts 30 days. We arrived with my parents at our own expense and were ready to leave after the first training session. There is no running around – everything with the ball. There was such a tournament – one to one, up to two or three goals scored. He convinced everyone and after this lesson, they said to me: “We take it, we need documents like this.” But the only condition is to find a guardian in Spain.

The parents were against it – I’m still a son. My father wanted me to live at the base. He knew that you can go the wrong way in youth. Dad took my education very seriously. And that was the main reason why we didn’t stay there.

I stayed at the Barcelona Academy for a month. A year later he came to Dynamo. Everything was different. The training is intensive so that you can already run a few kilometers. Why do we all beat until the age of 19 and when our colleagues start learning physics, no? Because at the age of 20 they expand the technology they have had since childhood. And at this age you won’t understand the technology very well. Yes, running in football is important, but how you play you can see the field – everything is much more important.

Midfielder Georgy Tsitaishvili - about the club | The National Team and children's football
Georgy Tsitaishvili

Memories of dynamo? I knew a lot about this club, in my circle he spoke about it – Papa, Ketsbay, Kinkladze: “Dynamo, Lobanovsky is a legend.” But at that age I didn’t follow Dynamo. Then I only knew Barcelona and Manchester United.

Memories of the transition? I’m going to the locker room on Nyvky for the first time. And before that the father said that there are bad words – “bl ***”, “*** your mother”, do not react to them. If you translate them into Georgian, you decide that you have to fight. I come and do this: “Gio, Gio.” Someone says, Vlad. And I heard “bl ***”. I was offended and then during the training, I looked for a man who said that to get revenge. I didn’t even know that Vlad was such a name. ”

About game practice

“You tell me that I’m a replacement for Tsygankov. They are preparing for it, they have been telling such things since they were 16. If Tsygankova is at Yarmolenko level and goes, then you are in his place. Yarmolenko when he was and was preparing to leave, and Tsygankov was being prepared how much he was [Цыганков] Played games? 20-22. How much do I play How can I say that they are preparing me? I’ve been playing 200 minutes in the first team for two years. If you have a chance in 20 games, you showed nothing and asked no questions. I myself will go if I see that it doesn’t work. But they didn’t give me a chance to understand whether I was doing it or not.

Rental fee? I am such a person: you did not let me out, I am offended. I called and said, “I’m going to look for a club no matter where you go.” But in the morning, when I wake up, I have to practice – an activity for those who haven’t played. I put on my boots and want to prove to everyone that I am ready to play.

Yes, I went out with Kolos for 8 minutes, I was able to score. Dissatisfied because he had to score, but generally played normally. He entered the Europa League when Vite gave a pass – he played well too. Did he play badly under Khatskevich when he played Shakhtar for 30 minutes? As if it were not 17 years old, but spent two seasons in the first team. He took the ball and hit no matter who he was: Stepanenko or Ismaily. And now, if you haven’t played for a long time, a little self-confidence disappears. You send them to take away. Mikhailichenko started playing steadily at 23 and became the top. Everyone has their own time. My words can be interpreted differently. I’m not complaining, it’s soccer and life. President Dynamo wants me to be on the team. I am excited to play Dynamo. I see my future in this club. And I’m not saying I want to go.”

Career statistics ~ Tsitaishvili

Source: Wikipedia

Club – As of the end of 2018–19 season
Club Season League Cup1 Continental2 Other3 Total
League Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
Dynamo Kyiv 2017–18 UPL 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
2018–19 5 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 6 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0
Career total 5 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 8 0
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Cristiano Ronaldo has bought the most expensive car in the world for Rs 75 crore

Cristiano Ronaldo has bought the most expensive car in the world for Rs 75 crore

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Career statistics

Source: Wikipedia


As of match played 29 July 2020
Club Season League Cup[a] League Cup Europe[b] Other[c] Total
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2007–08 Premier League 34 31 3 3 0 0 11 8 1[f] 0 49 42
2008–09 Premier League 33 18 2 1 4 2 12 4 2[g] 1 53 26
Total 196 84 26 13 12 4 55 16 3 1 292 118
Real Madrid 2009–10[122] La Liga 29 26 0 0 6 7 35 33
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2014–15[544] La Liga 35 48 2 1 12 10 5[j] 2 54 61
2015–16[544] La Liga 36 35 0 0 12 16 48 51
2016–17[544] La Liga 29 25 2 1 13 12 2[g] 4 46 42
2017–18[544] La Liga 27 26 0 0 13 15 4[k] 3 44 44
Total 292 311 30 22 101 105 15 12 438 450
Juventus 2018–19[544] Serie A 31 21 2 0 9 6 1[l] 1 43 28
2019–20[544] Serie A 33 31 4 2 7 2 1[l] 0 45 35
Total 64 52 6 2 16 8 2 1 88 63
Career total 579 450 65 39 12 4 175 129 20 14 851 636

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