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WWE Friday Night SmackDown # 1084 Results & Report from Orlando, Florida, USA from May 29th, 2020 (incl. Videos & voting)



WWE Friday Night SmackDown # 1084 Results & Report from Orlando, Florida, USA from May 29th, 2020 (incl. Videos & voting)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown # 1084
Venue: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, USA
US first broadcast: May 29, 2020
Spectators: 0

At the start of the show we see a large number of police and ambulances taking care of Elias, who was probably hit. A man dressed entirely in black was seen fleeing and Jeff Hardy‘s papers and a bottle of alcohol are found in the silver Toyota. Braun Strowman was also a witness of the scene and during his questioning, the police find an obviously injured Jeff Hardy, who, according to a police officer, smells like the bottle in the car, is arrested and taken to a guard. Meanwhile, Elias is transported in an ambulance.

After the advertisement, the locker room is informed of the events. Sheamus calls Hardy a “disgusting junkie”. It is announced that Elias and Jeff cannot participate today. Then everyone wants to get a chance at the Intercontinental Championship and a big discussion begins. In the end, it is decided that the winner of a battle royal taking place today, which will take place immediately, will face Daniel Bryan in a match, whose winner challenges AJ Styles in the final of the Intercontinental Championship.

1st match | WWE Friday Night SmackDown 
10-man battle royal
Sheamus won against Jey Uso, Shorty G, Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro, “King” Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Gran Metalik, Drew Gulak & Lince Dorado
Match time: 14:42

– Sheamus will face Daniel Bryan in the last semi-final.
– In the audience we see young talents from the development area, who were tested according to Michael Cole (probably on COVID-19).
– While the angry Nakamura is being held back by the referees present, Cesaro Shorty G. eliminates
– Here too the rivalry between Sheamus and Michael Cole continues.
– eliminations:

1. Lince Dorado by “King” Corbin (3:35)
2. Drew Gulak by “King” Corbin (3:59)
3. Gran Metalik by “King” Corbin (5:07)
4. Dolph Ziggler by “King” Corbin (5:31)
5. “King” Corbin by Jey Uso (5:41)
6. Cesaro by Shorty G (11:42)
7. Shinsuke Nakamura by Shorty G (12:24)
8. Shorty G due to the already eliminated Cesaro (12:44)
9.Jey Uso by Sheamus (14:42)

We see Sonya Deville backstage, preparing for her match against Lacey Evans and pulling a little bit about Mandy Rose and her upcoming opponent. Evans stands in the background and listens to her with amusement before pushing her from behind and disappearing from the picture with the words “We’ll see you in the ring”.

After the advertisement, Shorty G discusses with Nakamura and Cesaro how his chance for the Intercontinental Championship was taken away. Cesaro says that someone like him will never become a champion, and now he gives him a unique chance to be the bigger man and go away. Otherwise he would have to teach him a lesson. Then he strokes Shorty G over his father’s head again, which leads him to knock him down and accept the challenge. An amused Nakamura holds Cesaro back before we switch back into the ring.

2nd match | WWE Friday Night SmackDown 
Singles match
Sonya Deville vs. Lacey Evans ended in double count-out.
Match time: 4:23

– Both women fight outside the ring without paying attention to the referee, who counts both
– While Evans calls Deville back into the ring, she says that she will only fight according to her rules.

We see once again the “Forgotten Sons” (Jaxson Ryker, Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake) holding a promo. Ryker and Cutler talk about their time in the army, which Blake values ​​very much. And they will no longer just hold the other cheek – their blood was on the hands of others. Now the blood of others will be on her hands. This promo ends with a fist on your heart.

Afterwards we see Nikki Cross in a conversation with Alexa Bliss. The two are startled by “The New Day”. While the four laugh and dance together, the next advertisement goes on. Afterwards we see these four in “A Moment of Bliss”. While the respective Tag Team Champions have brought gifts, they talk about which teams stand out as upcoming challengers. Kofi calls the “Forgotten Sons”, while Bliss and Cross are unsure. This is the sign for Sasha Banks and Bayley to perform. After some screaming and joking at the expense of the other side, Bayley is certain that she and Banks could recover the championship belts they introduced at any time. And Banks will prove that by defeating Bliss today and here. Sasha Banks is not at all enthusiastic because she wears heels. During a discussion with her best friend, she receives a Alexa Bliss drop kick. With these pictures it goes into the next advertisement.

3rd match | WWE Friday Night SmackDown 
Singles match
Sasha Banks won against Alexa Bliss via pin after a rollerball.
Match time: 6:20

– While Alexa Bliss wants to show a move from the top rope, Bayley distracts her and the referee. When Nikki Cross tries to stop this, Bayley pushes her in Bliss, which then leads to the outcome of the match.

  1. Match
    Singles match
    Shorty G won against Cesaro (w / Shinsuke Nakamura) after a rollercoaster.
    Match time: 4:04

We see a retrospective of the day Otis and Mandy Rose spent together by the pool. A nice day was spent with champagne, fruit and the “Money in the Bank” case. As Mandy Rose got tired and dozed off, she started dreaming of a romantic and seductive Otis that she can hardly hold on to. She was woken up by Oti’s ass bomb, which she sprayed with water. Then she went into the water, where they kissed and used Oti’s catch phrase “Oh Yeah”. This ends the segment.

Kurt Angle hypt the best match ever: Randy Orton vs. Edge and the latest superstar Smacksowns, Matt Riddle, who is also presented in a video.

Kayla Braxton also talks about Riddle, but is quickly interrupted by Sheamus. You can talk about Hardy or Riddle as much as you want. Because while getting this attention, he gets results. And he won’t let Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles stand in his way. Bryan appears and Sheamus asks him to open his mouth when he has something to say. Bryan kicks his shin instead.

5th match
Singles match semi-finals for the Intercontinental Championship
Daniel Bryan won against Sheamus via pin after the flying knee strike.
Match time: 13:19

– This is the final of the Intercontinental Championship AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan.
– Sheamus asked Michael Cole to tune Daniel Bryan’s famous “Yes” chants, which he reluctantly did.

– Jeff Hardy returned shortly before the end of the fight, which led to the crucial distraction. He also beat Sheamus after the match, which quickly escaped to the backstage area.

Today’s edition of SmackDown ends with Jeff Hardy’s music and dancing talents.


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Jeff Hardy has renewed his WWE contract!



Jeff Hardy has renewed his WWE contract!

Jeff Hardy has renewed his WWE contract!

– There won’t be a reunion of the Hardys in the next few years, because Jeff Hardy has extended his WWE contract! What the reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy already hinted at in an interview with BT Sport recently has now been confirmed by Dave Meltzer. Jeff and his brother Matt had both signed 3-year contracts in 2017, but Jeff’s contract was unilaterally extended by WWE because the 43-year-old had been sidelined for a long time due to injuries and personal problems. While Matt left the market leader after the contract ended and signed with All Elite Wrestling, Jeff was bound even longer. But now he has signed a new contract that ties him to WWE for either 3 years or even 5 years.

– Meanwhile, WrestleVotes reports that another WWE Superstar recently decided not to renew his contract but to leave the company after his current contract ends. No information was given about who it was.

– For the past two weeks, Friday Night SmackDown has been broadcasting videos announcing the arrival of a blonde female wrestler. Meanwhile it is becoming apparent that this is Carmella, who will return to the shows with a new gimmick. The 32-year-old has not been part of the WWE shows since May, although it is unknown why she was absent. She played her last match on May 10 at the “Money in the Bank” PPV.

– Ivar is undergoing neck surgery this Monday in Birmingham, Alabama. It is still unclear which injury the Viking Raider sustained, but he is threatened with a break of at least a year. Todd Smith, his real name, had previously struggled with neck problems, which were exacerbated by the unsuccessful dive last week. The injury could also be very bad news for his tag team partner Erik. Injury to a tag team wrestler at WWE very often means that his partner also wastes the shows. Erik’s defeat to Lashley yesterday in just 2 minutes should not be a good sign for the 36-year-old.

– Dominik Mysterio made it to the top of WWE within a few weeks. As the PWInsider reports, the WWE officials already count the 23-year-old among the top 3 or top 4 baby faces in the RAW roster. Rey Mysterio’s son has more than just convinced the WWE officials since his first match at the “WWE SummerSlam” and there is currently no end in sight to his push.

Jeff Hardy has renewed his WWE contract!

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