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WWE Monday Night RAW 1412 results + report June 15, 2020 (including videos)



WWE Monday Night RAW # 1410

WWE Monday Night RAW # 1412
Location: WWE Performance Center Orlando, Florida, USA
First broadcast: June 15, 2020

Randy Orton comes out at the beginning of the show. The commentators talk about yesterday’s match at Backlash, which, according to them, was described by “many people” as the “greatest match ever”. They then confirm the reports that Edge broke her triceps during the match and underwent surgery on Monday morning.

Orton says he humiliated Edge and wrote the last chapter in its history. He knew that Edge could no longer find its way back to its former form. That’s why he saved Edge in the same way that Edge did the other way around a few years ago. Orton claims that he won the “greatest match ever” and was therefore the “greatest match ever”. He doesn’t need a WWE Championship to achieve this status.

He then thanked Edge for lighting the fire again. Edge reminded him what it meant to be the Legend Killer. Orton wishes Edge would have been there today to let him know personally. However, this is not possible because he not only kicked Edge in the head, but also tore the triceps from his bone. Orton says that he knew exactly when Edge was injured in the match. He still went on to send Edge back to his wife and children. Now Edge has to climb a new mountain. Orton wishes Edge to do this and believes Edge could get approval again in July – July 2029.

After this statement Christian comes into the hall. Christian wonders what a man Orton is and describes him as a cold and calculating son of a bitch. Orton has only a grin left for that. Christian says Edge’s career is not over yet. His best friend had not given up before and would not give up now. Edge would end his career on his own terms, not Randy Orton’s.

Orton takes the floor again and says that this does not concern Christian. It has never been about Christian. He describes Christian as jealous. Orton says that he can see this in Christian’s face – jealousy and that Christian still wants to have one more match. Christian denies this, but Orton doesn’t believe it. Christian was just like Edge in this regard: his career had been taken from him before he wanted to end it.

Since Christian still has no ring clearance, Orton challenges him to an unsanctioned match. In the direction of a concerned-looking Christian, Orton says that his offer will expire when the show ends. If Christian did not accept the challenge, he would only prove again that he was nothing more than a coward. With this, Orton leaves the ring while the commentators talk about Christian’s injury history (without mentioning his concussions, the real reason for his retirement).

In the next segment, Charly Caruso Zelina Vega and Angel Garza asked whether Garza’s actions at yesterday’s PPV Andrade cost the United States Championship. Garza apologizes half-heartedly and says that Andrade is devastated. However, he also feels sorry for Kevin Owens, against whom he is about to play a match. Garza asks Caruso if she doesn’t want to interview him again in the ring after his victory. Vega is not very pleased with this statement. Now Andrade appears and gives Garza a hand. Andrade wishes his colleague good luck for the match against Owens. Should he lose, however, he hopes that Garza can quickly check off the defeat.

1st match
Singles match
Kevin Owens won against Angel Garza (w / Zelina Vega) via pin after the stunner.
Match time: 6:42
– During the match Andrade came out and discussed with Garza, whereupon Vega left the hall. Shortly before the finish, Andrade distracted the referee, allowing Owens to win the match.

An angry Zelina Vega comes back into the hall after the match and asks Andrade and Garza to settle their disputes. Both have the same goals and should fight for them together. With this announcement she at least gets Andrade and Garza to leave the hall with her.

Backstage, Bobby Lashley and MVP are talking as Sarah Schreiber approaches them. MVP says that she should have a private conversation and that writers should go back to the journalism school. Lashley reveals that they are currently devising a strategy for their Tag Team Match. Schreiber wants the two to make a statement about Lana and her actions at yesterday’s PPV. MVP replies that Lashley was cheated of his chance yesterday by circumstances beyond his control. Together they would take care of this situation today.

Then Lashley and MVP go to the ring. MVP says Lana ruined Lashley’s evening yesterday and Drew McIntyre had the audacity to make a profit. It is only Lana’s fault that Lashley is not a champion. If McIntyre was decent, he would have offered Lashley a rematch on the spot. But McIntyre is hiding behind another man’s wife.

This now calls Lana on the scene. She says it was Lashley’s stupid idea to banish her from the ring. She would never want to hurt Lashley and would do anything for him. You put his career before her own. She dyed her hair brown for Lashley and filed for divorce. With her at Lashley’s side she blossomed. Lashley collapsed on the side of MVP. Lashley has enough and calls her “Thot”. Lana replies that Lashley shouldn’t talk to her like that.

MVP now interferes and says that Lashley had never been near the title before he showed up. Lana tries to make Lashley sane and describes the two as a good team. However, Lashley asks her the last time she laced her boots. Lana is now more interested in getting likes on Instagram. She only used it to become better known and even publicly released her sex life together.

Lana replies that this is not true. In that case, she would have slept with someone better known than Lashley – someone like Drew McIntyre. Lashley now has enough and announces that he wants to divorce. He leaves the ring together with MVP, whereby MVP cannot help but grin in the direction of an angry Lana.

Backstage, Sarah Schreiber welcomes the Viking Raiders and the Street Profits to the interview, who have now become friends. However, they are interrupted by Akira Tozawa and his ninjas. Tozawa calls for yesterday’s fishing to be continued. Montez Ford says in the group that he already has an idea how to solve the situation.

2nd match
8-man tag team match
The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) & The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) won against Akira Tozawa and three ninjas (w / a large ninja) via a Ford pin on a ninja after a splash.
Match time: 1:14

After the match, Tozawa, who was not active during the match, enters the ring with the big ninja. The Viking Profits are discussed and Ford holds up a mug. That seems like a secret sign because Big Show is coming to the ring as reinforcement. Tozawa and the big ninja retreat while Show smashes the three remaining ninjas together.

Backstage, Charly Caruso interviews Seth Rollins about the announcement that Rey Mysterio’s son Dominick will be with Raw today. Rollins is happy about it, but says that no one has seen Dominick yet. Rollins, however, can feel Dominick’s presence and wants to send a message to both him and Rey today.

Backstage Christian is also on the phone with an unknown person and assures him that he knows the risks. However, he was not yet sure whether he would accept the challenge from Orton.

Now Seth Rollins comes out and says that although Rey Mysterio refused his invitation, Dominick accepted it on behalf of his family. Mysterio appears on the Titantron and claims that he knew nothing about it. Now it was too late to stop Dominick. Rey knows what Rollins is capable of and warns him not to leave his son alone. Rollins replies that he doesn’t want to hurt Dominick, but wants to help him. Dominick is part of the future.

Rollins is now asking Rey to convince his son to join Rollins’ Stable. Rey calls Rollins a madman and says Dominick would never join his stable. Rollins indicates that Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory are in the hall looking for Dominick. If Dominick turns out to be a problem, it must be sacrificed. Rey threatens Rollins that if he touches his son he will take him and his henchmen out. Rollins says Dominick is grown up and can make his own decisions. Dominick could either be on the right side of the story or become a victim.

Rollins falls to his knees and begins to thank Rey for his gift. Shortly thereafter, Dominick jumps into the ring and attacks Rollins from behind. Murphy and Theory now storm to the ring and Mysterio begs his son to get out of the ring. Dominick actually manages to dodge his pursuers and escape the ring.

In the backstage area, Bobby Lashley and MVP search for R-Truth. You hear and find it below a ring. Truth says that they have a problem with ninjas and he wants to take care of it. Before Lashley and MVP can do anything, Drew McIntyre shows up. After some back and forth, MVP asked the two for a tag team match for the WWE and 24/7 Championship. Truth hastily accepts the suggestion. McIntyre seems annoyed at first, but then agrees with the proposal.

3rd match
Tag team match
The IIconics (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce) won against Natalya & Liv Morgan via pin from Royce to Morgan.
Match time: 2:29

After the match, IIconics will challenge Bayley and Sasha Banks to a Tag Team title match next week. If the champions didn’t agree, the IIconics would still know someone who could officially schedule the match.

Backstage Big Show visits Christian. Show warns that Orton doesn’t want an unsanctioned match because it’s the only way for Christian to play a match. Orton wanted an unsanctioned match to do everything Christian could think of. Christian replies that Show would probably advise him against the match. Show says that while there has never been a more dangerous Randy Orton, he wants to hit Orton in the face personally. Chrstian says that he knows what to do.

Natalya and Liv Morgan are also arguing backstage. Natalya says that Morgan lost the match with a beginner’s mistake. Now she could understand why Ruby Riott left Morgan. Morgan does not want to listen to the sermon anymore and disappears, which Natalya curses and doesn’t notice. Suddenly Lana shows up in front of Natalya and says that she can feel her pain. She thought that she was now married to the WWE Champion. Now, however, she is facing a divorce.

Back in the hall, Christian appears on the ramp and Charly Caruso asks him about his decision. Christian says that he is proud of his career and that he no longer has to prove anything to anyone. Nevertheless, he cannot be treated disrespectfully. Therefore, he would accept Randy Orton’s challenge.

Backstage MPV goes to Apollo Crews. MVP wants to tell the United States champion that it should be smart and not work hard. MVP points out that he himself was one of the longest serving United States champions in history. So crews should better listen to his advice. Crews replies that he wants to be a fighting champion. He thanks MVP, but prefers to go his own way. MVP urges crews that he can only keep the title with him in his corner.

In another backstage segment we see Charlotte and Ric Flair. Ric asks his daughter if anyone is getting on her nerves. Charlotte says they would upset a lot of people. She shouts a “woo” and the segment ends.

  1. Match
    Non-title singles match
    Apollo Crews (c) won against Shelton Benjamin via pin using the ropes.
    Match time: 2:06
    – During the match, Benjamin had asked Crews to accept MVP’s offer.

Backstage, Akira Tozawa and his Ninjas confront R-Truth. Truth threatens to kill them all. The ninjas then disappear. Now Drew McIntyre shows up and begs his partner today to become aware of the seriousness of the situation. In addition to R-Truth’s title, McIntyre’s life’s work is at stake today. Thereupon Truth becomes serious and thinks that he understood.

After a video review of Asuka and Nia Jax’s feud, Asuka is interviewed by Charly Caruso. She asks Asuka if Jax is too threatening and dominant as a challenger. Asuka replies that although Jax started the fight, she would end it.

Another segment follows with Drew McIntyre and R-Truth. Truth tells McIntyre that he spoke to the right people and that only the WWE Championship is at stake today. A horrified McIntyre realizes that a pinfall against Truth would mean the WWE Championship would lose its title. A casual Truth, on the other hand, just means that he knows what it feels like to lose a title and that McIntyre should trust him.

The Viking Raiders and the Street Profits are also discussing again. Big Show is added and the two teams thank him for his help. Show says he has an idea how the two teams could end their competition. Ivar suggests a karaoke session in the car. Show, however, has another groundbreaking idea: a wrestling match next week. Both the Viking Raiders and the Street Profits are enthusiastic about this revolutionary idea for a wrestling promotion. Afterwards Show brings everyone involved to show the “We want the Smoke” dance.

5th match
WWE Championship
Tag team match
Drew McIntyre (c) & R-Truth won against Bobby Lashley & MVP via pin from Truth to MVP after a splash.
Match time: 9:10

Backstage, Ric Flair goes to Christian, who is currently preparing for his match. Flair warns Christian of Randy Orton. Flair says that Christian’s family doesn’t care if he should back down. The other wrestlers in the locker room would soon forget it. Christian thanks for Flair’s advice but also says that he will neither revise nor regret his decision.

Now follows a promo from Bayles and Sasha Banks. The two talk about their successful defense of the title at Backlash. Bayley then announced that it was her birthday today and that there would be a whole birthday week. As part of this birthday week, they would defeat Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox at NXT on Wednesday and return to SmackDown on Friday. Banks adds that the IIconics are not in charge of the tag team scene.

The IIconics are now also coming out. They are tired of the babble and ask for an answer to their challenge. Bayley reminds them that they lost in yesterday’s match. Kay replies that they defeated them at WrestleMania last year, which led to personal crises by Bayley and Banks. The IIconis continue to ride on it, thinking that the champions would collapse under pressure. Banks doesn’t want to put up with these sayings, but slaps his face in the face. This frightens Bayles, who sees her birthday ruined. That is why she accepts the challenge of IIconics.

6th match
WWE Raw Women’s Championship
Singles match
Asuka (c) won against Nia Jax via pin after a schoolgirl.
Match time: 8:53
– Shortly before the finish, Jax pushed the referee, which is why he counted a fast count.

In another interview, Charly Caruso welcomes Randy Orton. However, Orton has a question for Caruso: is Christian a legend? Caruso answers this question in the affirmative. Orton agrees and then explains what an unsanctioned match is. He ends the segment by saying that it is Christian’s legend to be destroyed by an RKO.

After Orton and Christian have already contested their entrances, Ric Flair appears in the hall. He says that he spoke to Edge. Christian’s best friend said that Christian didn’t have to prove anything to anyone. Christian, however, tells Flair that he has to play this match.

7th match
Unsanctioned match
Randy Orton won against Christian via pin after the punt.
Match time: 1:00
– Immediately after the ring curl sounded, Flair Christian gave a low blow.

After the match, Orton grabs Christian’s motionless face and apologizes to him. Then he says that Christian has brought himself into this position. While Christian is being treated by medical personnel and brought out of the hall on a stretcher, Orton roars in his direction. The show goes off air.

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Jeff Hardy has renewed his WWE contract!



Jeff Hardy has renewed his WWE contract!

Jeff Hardy has renewed his WWE contract!

– There won’t be a reunion of the Hardys in the next few years, because Jeff Hardy has extended his WWE contract! What the reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy already hinted at in an interview with BT Sport recently has now been confirmed by Dave Meltzer. Jeff and his brother Matt had both signed 3-year contracts in 2017, but Jeff’s contract was unilaterally extended by WWE because the 43-year-old had been sidelined for a long time due to injuries and personal problems. While Matt left the market leader after the contract ended and signed with All Elite Wrestling, Jeff was bound even longer. But now he has signed a new contract that ties him to WWE for either 3 years or even 5 years.

– Meanwhile, WrestleVotes reports that another WWE Superstar recently decided not to renew his contract but to leave the company after his current contract ends. No information was given about who it was.

– For the past two weeks, Friday Night SmackDown has been broadcasting videos announcing the arrival of a blonde female wrestler. Meanwhile it is becoming apparent that this is Carmella, who will return to the shows with a new gimmick. The 32-year-old has not been part of the WWE shows since May, although it is unknown why she was absent. She played her last match on May 10 at the “Money in the Bank” PPV.

– Ivar is undergoing neck surgery this Monday in Birmingham, Alabama. It is still unclear which injury the Viking Raider sustained, but he is threatened with a break of at least a year. Todd Smith, his real name, had previously struggled with neck problems, which were exacerbated by the unsuccessful dive last week. The injury could also be very bad news for his tag team partner Erik. Injury to a tag team wrestler at WWE very often means that his partner also wastes the shows. Erik’s defeat to Lashley yesterday in just 2 minutes should not be a good sign for the 36-year-old.

– Dominik Mysterio made it to the top of WWE within a few weeks. As the PWInsider reports, the WWE officials already count the 23-year-old among the top 3 or top 4 baby faces in the RAW roster. Rey Mysterio’s son has more than just convinced the WWE officials since his first match at the “WWE SummerSlam” and there is currently no end in sight to his push.

Jeff Hardy has renewed his WWE contract!

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